Upcoming Workshops:

21st January, Stonehaven community centre

Our next Workshop is on Sunday 11th February at Stonehaven Community Centre with Alan Bissett. We'll have an afternoon session from Alison Chandler, I think. The draft programme for the day is

10.30 a.m. - Coffee
11.00 a.m. - Alan Bissett

12.30 p.m. - Lunch/Raffle
2.00 pm. - Alison Chandler/ This'll be a session based on responding in writing to her paintings.

Times are of course only approximate. There'll be a raffle. The cost is £10 for the day. As before, bring food for yourself plus.

Previous Workshops:

Sunday 21st January - Writing Our World with Petra Vergunst

In this poetry workshop participants are invited to reflect on the way they write about their natural environment. Against the background of the work of Kathleen Jamie and her own, Petra Vergunst will present different approaches to environmental writing through hands-on poetry writing exercises.

In her poetry, Petra Vergunst investigates how we relate to, and know, our natural and historical environments. Her current project, Field Song deals with issues of place, identity and belonging in traditional Scottish music and song. Her work has been published widely online and in anthologies and her long, narrative performance poem Embrace, exploring our relationship with woodlands, is available from Amazon.

Shirley Blair - getting published in magazines

Sunday 29th March in the Stonehaven community centre
10.30 - Meet/Coffee
11.00 - Shirley Blair followed by Q&A session
Approx.12.30 - 1.30 AGM followed by Lunch
After lunch those of you who have brought short stories can present them for discussion amongst the group in the light of what we'’'ve heard in the morning. Ms Blair will not be able to stay for this session. Bring enough of one food item for four people so that we can share lunch.


Creative writing workshop with Liz Niven

Sunday 13th March in the Stonehaven community centre
10.30 - Meet/Coffee
11.00 - Liz Niven
Approx.12.30 - 1.00 Lunch
2.00 - This may be a sharing of ideas/work produced during the sessions or brief readings of other work as wished.
Approx. 3.30 - The finish of the day will really depend on how things have developed during the day.
Within this rough plan I'd like to keep the day's progress to be as loose as possible to allow for following what is working rather than tying ourselves down. March 10th 2013 - Wayne Price and Fiona Thackeray
January 25th 2014 - Wayne Price and Jen Cooper
February 23rd 2014 - Kenneth Steven and Kirsten McKenzie
March 22nd 2015 - Chris Powici

Writer Fiona Thackeray visited us on a Writing Workshop day in early March 2013 and had this to say:
"What an incredible focus and energy this group has. And how wonderful to see such varied writers coming together in such a vibrant atmosphere where clearly everyone felt comfortable, inspired and able to contribute. Everyone was generous in their contributions and noone seemed to dominate. A pleasure to be a part of it."



Stoney Scrievars 2009
Pens And
Palettes 2010
Tangle Of Word 2012
An Excitement Of Possibilities 2012




Members of the group read work in public most recently at Stonehaven Station Hotel on Tuesday 30th September as part of the New Word Festival under the heading Having The Last Word. Previously members of the group have read work at various public events and have made a number of broadcasts on Mearns FM.